Success Stories


‘Data warehouse development and operation for Financial Institutions’

  • development of greenfield investments for over 10 years
  • providing data and reports to business and operational areas
  • providing IT background by supporting the IFRS, CCIS, sales and controlling systems

‘IFRS reporting system in the Banking sector’

  • building a data warehouse under the IFRS calculating target device
  • automatic data transformation from source systems
  • serving the standard and ad-hoc reporting requirements of the controlling area

‘Solvency II compliant reporting and controlling in the insurance sector’

  • reports to the parent company, the HNB and the management.
  • automatic capturing of source data into the required module

Planning and Controlling System in the energy sector

  • automated data collection, eliminating manual work
  • consolidating data from several sources (at least 20 subsidiaries)
  • writing reports to the management
  • analyses
  • simple sentences that can be interpreted easily and quickly, with the main points highlighted

‘Planning and Controlling system for Waterworks’

  • capturing data from source systems into the enterprise module
  • automatic generation of standard and ad-hoc reports
  • mapping of the ledger in the system

‘Marketing controlling system for insurance companies’

  • capturing and structuring of relevant marketing data
  • providing standard and ad-hoc reports for the marketing department
  • comparison of forecast vs. actual data



Presentation of information

Processing and visual presentation of large amounts of available data is becoming more and more important. Our graphic data display methods provide our customers with as much information as possible, using a wide range of display tools, such as special user surfaces...

Data integration

Data integration is a one-way process from the data sources to the integrated database. Errors may appear at any point in the integration process. During our work, data integration process and source data errors are also analyzed...

Business and IT consultation

In most organizations, ad-hoc IT developments, the non-transparent structure, and the lack of complex professional planning lead to errors, overloads, and their restoration is a costly and difficult task...

Data warehouse and data market construction

Data warehouse is the place where data is transformed into information. Business softwares only store data, they are unable to forward it • in an appropriate form, • at an appropriate speed, • to the appropriate destination...

Predictive analytics

Our business intelligence solutions allow users to access information from all areas of the company, analyze them, discover trends, and share them with others. By using predictive analytics, a link is established between your data and activities...

Operation and Training

In our experience the project team is not relieved after the system implementation, since they need to respond quickly to the questions and needs arising during operation. Therefore, we always recommend using our system operation...

Business Solutions


Solutions for banks and insurance companies

With more than 10 years of business experience behind us, we help our partners build Business Intelligence and Analytical Systems in the field of data and reporting services. As a result, our Partners receive IT support and helpful advice on mapping their specific business needs and processes, and planning their systems.

Financial planning and controlling solutions

We have observed that companies apply different business approaches in the areas of analysis and planning. What is common in these processes is the need for teamwork and for supporting the methodology used for planning and analysis. Our solution can support the entire process of enterprise controlling and planning with a surprisingly short implementation deadline, using standard technologies. Applied technologies provide the opportunity of basic information and parameter data integration or even forecast/actual data analysis with graphical support.

HR controlling solutions

HR professionals are expected to be aware of how Human Resources, as a functional unit, can contribute to corporate strategy. How to manage human capital efficiently? Exact data, indices, and KPIs are required. Our platform independent solution helps HR professionals cover the entire HR process by five main modules.
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